SGA Minutes 9.7.16

Here our the first minutes of the year! Contact your SGA representatives with questions or concerns.

SGA Minutes


Present: Cort Singleton, Blake Brown, Drew Roen, Tre Loge, Teig Loge, Robert Lyons, Erica Heidler, Tristan Carmen, Kelsey Schott, Britney Samuelson, Emma Schlenker, Sydney Samples, Pierce Carey, Nick Laning, Ishaya David, Cody Isabel, Geoff Converse, Casey Nickel, Courtney Craig, Lewis Cox, Abby Schulte, Cole Tramp

Attendance – All Present  

Members Swore In: Casey Nickel, Courtney Craig, Lewis Cox, Abby Schulte, Cole Tramp, Pierce Carey


Erica: Laptop report for SGA members. “Limit computer and phone use”.

Robert: Update, “SGA now has a five minute speaking block with the board of trustees starting around mid October. I will write a speech and read it to SGA so everyone knows what I’m saying.”

Robert: *Social Media/First Year Thanks

Ishaya: *Update on committee

Nick: “Chair of the financial committee, we started off with $390,000 this year, last week we allocated $285,000 from our biggest budget requests. We still have about $105,000 for the rest of the year. Our capital improvement funds is around $130,000, so this year we should spend around $30,000-$40,000 on that. Court is starting to work on lounges in Detroit apartments. Tristan is working on electronic posters in Kent. Sydney is working on getting more water bottle fill stations. I am working on the court yard that’s overgrown, so I’m looking into redoing that. Our new member would have a project, we have the prarie project from Sydney that was very well constructed. We need more ideas for projects.”

Pierce: “The advocacy committee has our first meeting after this, and we’re planning to tackle minority issues as well as capital improvement. We want to bulid a council of other organizations that do things with other minority students to make SGA as involved in these things as possible.

Emma: “We got the new logos”

Cody: “Food Committee will start meeting next week, and I will be reporting on food stuff happening. Court found a creature in his food, it crawled out at it’s own will.”

Erica: *No other reports


Old Business

Erica: *Constitution discussion started – limited to 15 minutes, voting next week

Nick: Moves to bring discussion on new constitution

SGA: *Seconded

Robert: “Added creed and culture, and put back class presidents into the constitution. Appointment process is completely gone. If a president is impeached by the SGA there will be a chair in the committee that would take over, the most senior and willing person. They get paid $25 a week. The President and Vice President would appoint and present a new president to the SGA, acceptance takes a majority vote, if not accepted they must keep presenting people. If no class senator is willing to serve, a special election will be called.”

Pierce: “I was against the original draft, and this is much better and I approve it.”

Emma: “Did you change anything other than the impeachment?”

Robert: “The main change is that we don’t have the long waiting period anymore.”

Erica: “This is slightly putting what we already did into words.”

Teig: “This process is different because Ishaya had to get elected.”

Nick: “This language works for me even though I was in support of the old language as well.”

Tre: “What happens when someone moves up to President?”

Robert: “This is only under impeachment, normal processes everywhere else.”

Ishaya: “Is the new class president in charge of the committee the old one was in charge of?”

Kelsey: “I really like the changes, some things last week didn’t make sense to me, but would internal affairs be the one looking into all this? I really like this and am in support of it though.”

Pierce: “I move to end discussion”

Cody: “I move to approve the constitution”

Ishaya: “Seconded.”


Vote: The I’s have it

All members approve the constitution


New Business

Erica: “We need to elect people in case Robert and I aren’t here.”

Robert: *Nominate Nick

Tristan: *Seconded

Unknown Member: *Nominate Pierce

Tre: *Seconded

Britney: *Nominate Kelsey
Unknown Member: *Seconded

Tristan: *speaks on behalf of Nick for position

Cody: *Speaks on behalf of Pierce

Ishaya: *Speaks on behalf of Pierce

Britney: *Speaks on behalf of Kelsey


Vote: Nick Laning wins majority vote


Erica: “We have various faculty committees for students to be on.” *Reads new information

*Nominations Taken

Erica: “I will contact, and see what is said”


Nick: “I move to change the minutes policy of the SGA to sending them out the evening of the meeting”


Nick: “We send them a week after, and it makes people behind, especially since we have an announcement in it. Retractions would still be a thing, and other bodies send them out within the day”

Sarah: “Next day would make it easier for me”

Nick: I would accept that”

Tre: “I offer a friendly amendment”

*Moved to vote



All in support of vote


General Discussion

Nick: *Discusses Presidential watch night

Tristan: *Speaks in support

Robert: “That is the Wednesday of Fall break, but we could sponsor it.”


Robert: *Schedule conflict with meeting cancelation discussion for the Constitution Day Lecture

Sydney: “October 12th is also the climate change meeting”

Robert/Erica: “We could just have it after”

Nick: Towards Rich “What happened to leaving Wednesday’s open?”

Rich: “We should support the Constitution Day Lecture, but need to be careful of cancelling meetings because of events.”

Emma: “Didn’t we talk about having a more open SGA meeting, we could do it after the environment discussion so we could really open it up to those issues.”

Erica: “I’m going to turn it over to student advocacy”


Robert: “Alumni event is a thing, and I’ve been working with people to get stuff done. I’m trying to figure out if we could do an event for all of them. We could have a few speakers from all the decades with some of the cool stuff people did. If they are reconnected to the college they are more likely to donate. Is that something we would all like to see done?”

*SGA agrees to give it to committee



Erica: “New senators meet with me after. Committee members stick around so I can send new people to talk with you.”


Robert: “Rotaract club meeting tomorrow”

Robert: “The acorn will be meeting too”


Kelsey: “Opening comedian rescheduled to tonight, be there, there will be popcorn. Trivia this Friday, free fries and drinks, plus prizes.”


Britney: “Tri Delta blood drive”


Sydney: “Sustainability club meeting tomorrow”

Robert: *Motion to end



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