SGA Minutes 10.26.16

Erica called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

The meeting started with a Rich quote: “I can fit Saturn and all of it’s flipping rings on my ass”

Minutes from last week were approved.

Emma said a dad joke since Robert isn’t here.

Erica’s Report

If SGA members have questions about something on the Facebook the comments need to happen in person even if that means we have to wait until next meeting.

Pierce asked if we could call an emergency meeting if we need to.

Erica said we could.

Ishaya’s Report – Student Organizations Committee

The SGA reflected on all org council.

More people showed up than anticipated. Thought about making it optional but currently is mandatory for organizations.

Britney suggested that for the next all org council there could be a workshop for PR and planning.

Kelsey voiced her concern of the need to support programming on campus. She suggested having more structure and guidance for event planning.

Ishaya said we don’t really have any programs scheduled for the rest of the year but we are open to suggestions.

Britney suggested sending out a survey monkey to the groups which left the all org council early.

Ishaya said that the committee is thinking about reaching out to organizations and maybe attending meetings of different groups to see how we can help them.

Nick’s Report – Financial Advocacy Committee

We have 3 budget requests tonight.

Capitol improvement projects are pushing forward.

Pierce’s Report – Student Advocacy Committee

We are still in the same place waiting for the grant next semester to pay for more trash receptacles next semester. Should be able to start right away once we get the grant.

We have a draft for the Epic Challenge ready to be sent to President Simmons. The resolution will be talked about with President Simmons on November 10th.

The committee will be brainstorming more projects at the next committee meeting.

We are going to get plaques for everyone who has contributed to SGA, for example plaques for the President and Vice President. Those would probably just be with the names that way changing titles will not mean having to print new plaques. Casey and Pierce will be looking at Bob’s trophies to get everything ready to go for that.

Lewis’ Report – Internal Affairs Committee

Mission statement and vision statement have been officially adopted.

Had first SGA office hours today from 1-3 every Wednesday. A doodle has been sent out and everyone on SGA is asked to do at least a 1 hour shift each semester. We have feedback cards and help answer questions for the student body. It gives SGA a public presence on campus.

We are also working with PRSSA to possibly utilize them to help publicize SGA.

Kindness day is next week and we will have a compliment booth during the next office hours and will be putting notes and candy in places across campus. We will be doing after hours after out meeting gets out.

William Penn University SGA reached out to us to possibly get together with our SGA. It will be an event outside of our normal meeting put on by the internal affairs committee.

Cody Isabel – Food Committee

Cream cheese will be in a better variety in Pfieffer. Will buy in bulk but will mix in fresh fruit to make different flavors.

They are checking into non-dairy milk in ABP.

More vegan options will be added across campus. There will be vegan pancakes in Pfieffer in the morning.

The paper cups in Kent are no longer available but they will start changing cups to biodegradable plastic.

Food services will be open over thanksgiving break.

There is a survey which will be coming out in a little bit for food services for the possible replacement of ABP and Red Mango.

Casey asked if the reoccurrence of under cooked meat was talked about.

Cody said that he will talk about that at the next meeting.

Self-serving is starting again.

Cody found out that honey is not vegan.

New Business

Tristan moved to allocated $4,900 to best buddies.

Tre seconded the motion.

Tristan explained that best buddies is putting more programs on and needs t-shirts to possibly give out during the fashion show.

Nick explained that Best Buddies is a group of student who works with special needs people where students are matched up with buddies. They put on events and have a conference.

The motion passes unanimously.

Tristan moved to allocate $1,400 to the student alumni association.

Kelsey seconded the motion.

Tristan and Sydney explained that the organization will hold events which will help students learn how to network and act professionally.

Nick explained that this is not a new organization and has been around but because of budget cuts now need money from SGA as their old source is now funding them less than before.

The motion passes unanimously.

Sydney moved to allocate $2932 to Pride.

Sydney explained that this money will go to different activities over the semester and sending students to a conference in February.

Nick said that $300 were cut from the original request but if more money is needed for pride week the group can come back and request again.

The motion passed unanimously.

General Discussion

Geoff said that the Kara May petition was brought up.

Erica said that she met with Kent Eaton, the academic dean. He said that it is not something they are trying to hide or not talk about but they did sign an agreement with Kara May to not talk about what happened.

Geoff suggested that Simpson release a statement saying that they cannot legally disclose information and ask the administration to make a plan as to how they would fill the vacancy. Jim Hayes is technically covering the situation right now.

Pierce asked if his committee could bring something up to the president.

Erica said that would be a good idea and to ask if the school could release a statement and a plan.

Nick suggested that we as SGA members can tell the student body the information we know.

Sydney said that the prairie group will have a forum tomorrow which is the last thing they need to check off to get everything set up, then the committee must wait for results.

Erica asked if Sydney knew what the next step was.

Sydney said that the last thing that has to be done is do a community presentation and flyer the neighborhood and then wait to see what the president’s cabinet suggests.

Erica suggested sending and email to President Simmons’ secretary to send out the the president’s cabinet.


Cody and his grandma will be featured in the Simp.

SAE is having a pancake breakfast.

Tomorrow in black box there will be a magician comedian.

Saturday there will be an escape chamber in black box from 4-8 but you must register beforehand.

Tristan announced that These Shining Lives, the first show put on by theatre this year, will be showing Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm.

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