SGA Minutes 11.2.16

SGA Minutes


Attendance: All Present

Time Start: 7:00

*Move to recognize PRSSA*

Olivia/Emma: on behalf of PRSSA to assist SGA with PR and social media

  • Produce Social media plan
  • PR Releases
  • Facebook Live
  • Editing Minutes to make them easier to read

*Move to recognize Kelley Bradder*

Kelley: “Last week, directly after Spring break we were experiencing slow bandwidth. When we started looking at it, what we found is that there was a small group of students downloading large amounts of items. Meaning that he gets all the bandwidth and it leaves less for others. He was using Limewire. We put a restriction on the ability to download huge amounts of file space. When we came back from Fall break, they continued to try and download, and we saw an increase in devices on the network. We replaced network stuff over the Summer, and then they brought more devices. I can’t give you an exact number, but 40-50 more devices. To try a shape the bandwidth, we saw slow bandwidth. I was in California and we had people here trying to work on it. The consultant company came in and used corporate procedures. They blocked downloads heavily. We pulled a lot of that out, and watched on Thursday, and we decided we needed more bandwidth. I said turn it up, and that’s where we are today. We spent the extra money in 24 hours to fix the problem”.

Nick: “You mentioned a piece of equipment not working in an email to me”

Kelley: “We have two pieces of equipment that manages these things. Over the Summer we also bought new firewalls, and this new one does two functions at once. We took the old one out, and as we were adjusting it, the ports would get jammed up making it slower. Now that we aren’t moving it were seeing it doing better.”

Tre: “Are you reducing downloading speeds”

Kelley: “No, just the amount”

Erica: “I’ve heard people are doing online gaming”

Kelley: “We’re doing okay with that. If you’re having a problem with your specific technology, I can see into all the issues with that and see the health of your connection. The wireless is fine, the problem is with the bandwidth.”

Emma: “The file size that you restricted with, can you give us an example”

Kelley: “We restrict at 25 mg, so huge videos. They were downloading films and games, making it slow”

Geoff: “So what about academic downloads?”

Kelley: “It’s mostly the torrent sites, the gaming sights”

Emma: “So those specifically?”

Kelley: “We throttled those a lot more than Netflix, we prioritize that. The big thing is that we need to hear from you. We can’t fix something we don’t know about. We don’t want your internet to suck, we know you want to use it for entertainment. The football team needed more bandwidth so we were able to get that fixed”

Nick: “While Kelley was in California, she was addressing the issues, so if you have problems you can contact her”

Emma: “What’s the information you need through email if there is an issues”

Kelley: “Time of day, device, and what you are trying to do. The more specifics, the better.

Kelsey: “Sounds like the problem was mostly fixed, so how is it now?”

Kelley: “We’re very stable right now. We may replace this one piece of equipment as a proactive measure.”


Robert: “Cubs are up 1-0”

Erica: “Glad to have you back”

Ishaya: “We don’t have a ton right now, but we are sending out a list of things we can help with”

Nick: “We had some movement on capital improvements projects. Sydney gets things done, so maybe we’ll give all our projects to her”

Robert: “I’ve been meeting with building managers”

Nick: “We also have budget requests”

Pierce:  “My committee has started several projects. Expect updates next week”

  • More equipment for sports to be checked out
  • Student recognition project with Simpson swag
  • Drew on food committee to get more diverse food
  • Getting more artwork around campus
  • Can’t schedule calendars with staff and faculty
  • SGA is going to head events to make finals week more bearable
  • Ice rink on campus
  • Meeting with President Simmons on EPIC
  • Drew working on trash thing

Lewis: “three things”

Ice rink on campus

  • Sign up for office hours  – change from 1-2:30pm
  • William Penn University – hoping to host them, might have food
  • PRSSA will be the next big discussion for us

Rich: “FLSA has now started and it’s implemented at Simpson College. This means Kyle will be working 40 hours a week and only 40 hours a week. This means he will be on campus less often. He won’t be responding to emails at night and things like that. This also affects some people in student development. We understand that they will have to put in overtime hours, and Simpson will have to pay them for that.”

New Business

ISO: $4910

ISO requested $8,034 for a variety of campus events, both on and off campus, and a service project. The SGA Finance Committee recommends that we allocate $4,910 to them. We have asked that ISO meet with their faculty advisor and Rich Ramos before we are able to vote on allocating money for their service project.

Motion carries

Tri-Beta: $525

Beta Beta Beta came to speak to our committee about their request. Everything sounded great to us. They will showing part of a film, along with a discussion panel. Because of this we will have to suspend our rules. We recommend the $525 for them.  

Motion carries

RLC: $1500 and $1200= $2700

FCA has tripled in size so asked for a supplemental $1500 for their regular programming.

CSO asked for more money to send additional students to a Catholic Conference. They asked to send nine, but the additional $1200 allows for only 6 to go per our rules.

Motion carries

Nick: “I have updated the funds and we now have $46,000 left in our operating budget, which is a really good number for us. We need to update the capital improvement fund.”

Erica: Nominations for Faculty Development Committee: The committee provides recommendations regarding programming that should be offered to assist faculty in improving their teaching and their students’ learning. There are no special requirements.”

  • Morgan Moline
  • Brooklyn Hunter
  • Lydia Magalhaes
  • Brendan Moon

Courtney: “A student came up with me and they’re having issues with their coach, and then there was a tweet. A student got kicked out of the sport and two were suspended.”

Cody: “It’s in our rules that you can’t tweet things”


Erica: Afterhours and Chapel

Pierce: Second underground tomorrow at 9:30pm

Cody: “Sunday I turn 21”

Erica: “Well it’s in the minutes now”

Kelsey: Hump day Ha’s tonight, hungry hungry hippos Saturday

Ishaya: Carver open house

Casey: Saturday away game and cheerleaders and travelling too

Robert: Daylight savings time, next thursday the 10th Rotaract packing the boxes

Britney: Tuesday 8th Tri Delta Pizza Ranch date

End: 7:52

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