SGA Minutes 9.21.16

SGA Minutes 9.21.16

Start: 8:25pm

All Present

Previous minutes approved


Lewis: “We created a new mission statement, email with concerns.”

Nick: “Can you send it out?”

Robert: “Just post it to the FB page.”

Cody: “Food committee is meeting Wednesday at 1:00pm, the 20th of September in Pfieffer.”

Erica: “Can you email me the dates to post?”

Cody: “Sure.”

No Other Reports

Old Business:


New Business:

Nick: “Annual flag football request for $500, includes gatorade, prizes, and miscellaneous.”

Erica: “Are we doing giftcards?”

Nick: “No, we can do checks, gifts, or take them to dinner or something.”

Ishaya: “The coach got the dates mixed up, so I need to straighten out the date for the event. I’m going to make the call tomorrow”

Motion Carries

None opposed

None Abstained

Nick: “I move to motion $630 to accounting club”


Nick: “They want to use the money for food for the meetings once a month to increase people amount, and they want it for speakers”

Robert: “You found their accounts in good order?”

Nick: “Yes, that was a terrible joke, Robert”

Cole: “They actually have a lot of people show up”

Erica: “That’s good for us to know”

Nick: “They have some sort of program to give back to the community as well”

Erica: “Having the speakers is also an event so it’s not bad”

Motion Carries

None Opposed

None Abstained

Nick: “I motion to allocate $600 to the climbing club”

Nick: “I would like to amend the request to add $505.50 for t-shirts which would make the amount 1105.50. They were only going to get some shirts and it would be a fortune, and so we can get more shirts and use it as recruitment. The other money is for day passes. We send 10 people full price, and sometimes they split it if they have 20 people going. It’s going fine and people are willing to pay the $10 to get it.”

Erica: “Where are they getting t-shirts from?”

Cort: “They already have the design through the company they found.”

Amendment passes

Motion Carries

None Opposed

None Abstained

Pierce: “I motion to allocate $5,100 to CAB”

Nick: “It’s a homecoming extension for fireworks, security, and the kickoff is bigger to get people excited for the fireworks.”

Teig: “Where are they setting the fireworks off from?”

Kelsey: “Behind greek housing, and we have to flyer the neighborhood”

Erica: “any further discussion?”

Motion carries

None Opposed

Abstained – Nick Laning & Kelsey Schott

Nick: “$5,786 for the prairie project from capital improvement funds”

Sydney: “The total could change, we want to do some things for the seeds to grow faster”

Motion carries

None Opposed

None Abstained

General Discussion

Cort: “Some Clinton residents came up to me about the parking, and people park in the middle line so cars can’t get through. It was suggested that we paint”

Robert: “We can talk to Chris about it, we brought it up in parking committee my freshman year.”


Kelsey: “Filharmonic Thursday in black box, Bingo Friday followed by Res Life ice cream campus wide, and Saturday night is canvas painting 6-8 in black box

Pierce: “Underground is Thursday 9:30-10:30 PBac. Randy Paulson will be playing his guitar and singing.”

Tre: “You should do nominations for homecoming”

Robert: “Friday from 11-1pm, you can pie me. It’s $1 and it’s for a good cause.”

Nick: “Rich is also there, 11-12 Friday”

Cody: “I motion to adjourn”

SGA: Motion passes

Finish: 8:50pm

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