SGA Minutes 9.28.16

Nick Lanning Called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

Last week’s minutes were approved after no additions or corrections.

Robert, Student Body President, Report – President Simmons has been made aware of projects SGA is working on. Robert misses Erica.


Pierce, Sophomore Class President, Report

Pierce – Casey, Drew, and Pierce met with Heidi about trash and she was very supportive. After talking to Sydney, the project will be postponed as we are waiting to apply for a grant which will be available next semester.

Brittany – Nexus Women’s Leadership and The Epic Corporate Challenge, which is a statewide initiative to set voluntary measurable goals in increasing women in positions of power in Simpson. Ideally we could take this to president Simmons and have him sign it. Be looking for a resolution in the next few SGA meetings.


Cody, Junior Class Senator, Report

Cody – Flag football is getting set up. First all org council meeting is set up and ready to go.

Rich – Reminder that football players cannot play flag football.


Lewis, First-Year Class President, Report

Lewis – We will be updating the wordpress. We also need bios from SGA members and Kyle. Made feedback cards and are looking to do an office hours for SGA, which will be a table in Kent staffed by an SGA member to ensure transparency. Will also be doing a campus day snapchat filter. We will also be planning a campus kindness week, which will include things like random acts of kindness and providing snacks at after hours.

Emma – Gave a quick overview of the bio that needs to be sent in for SGA website information.


Cody, Food Committee Report

Cody – Talked about how the sandwich bar is closed for dinner and how the cereal never changes. They also talked about the quality of the food and self-serving. Looking at possibly changing the time of Red Mango to 10-5 on Saturday and Sunday. Sudexo will be doing midnight breakfast this year, looking at dates during midterms Sunday – Thursday.

SGA suggested doing midnight breakfast on Wednesday night.

Nick – Asked for food concerns.

Kelsey – Has a variety of “fun” food pictures she needs to send to Cody.

Drew – There is always a lack of needed silverware.


SGA Flag Football

Robert – Passed around SGA flag football shifts for SGA members to work.


Education Club

Tristan – Moved to request $700 to education club. Club came to committee because they want to put on a conference open to all students on campus which will have professors present research during sessions.

Motion was seconded.

Motion passes unanimously.


SGA After Hours

Tristan – Moved to allocated $50 to SGA to serve at after hours.

Motion was seconded.

Lewis – We are looking at serving chips and salsa after the Wednesday Campus Worship. This will happen on November 2nd.

Motion passes unanimously.


General Discussion

Nick – Committee members will give update on capital improvement project.

Electronic Posters

Tristan – Working on electronic posters in Kent. Will cost about $30,000 which will pay for screens, mounting, installation, maintenance, etc.

Rich – Although the price tag sounds big it ultimately will not really affect the carry over money. Spent $1,200 on toner in the Org Suite printer, should work on trying to be greener which the screens would help do.

Pierce – Asked the size of the boards.

Rich – Can be as big of a monitor that can fit in a location. Can be put into different locations on campus not just Kent.

Lewis – Asked if there is a process to decide who gets to post on the boards, for example, SGA members running for election.

Nick – Will have to figure out who will be in charge of boards, will probably figure out who gets to work the screens after we figure out logistics.

Emma – Knows schools that use electronic posters but it can be difficult to get posters up on electronic boards, may be a good idea to have a student committee to chose what goes up.

Cort – Might be hard to limit amount that is on the boards.

Pierce – Asked if there is a way to make them interactive.

Rich – Costs will go up substantially, however, it is possible.

Sydney – There will probably be a way to have multiple posters up at the same time.

Rich – There are many systems out there which can do split screens and the like.

Tristan – Can disscuss more next week, will come back with answers to questions asked.

Water Filter Stations

Sydney – Wants to put water filter stations in 2nd floor Kresge and Mary Bary. Looking into fraternities as well as 3rd floor Buxton. Because of cost will look at doing 2 this year and 2 next year.

Nick – Talked about the fraternity one a lot, all the water is in the basement but we will need to find out where water lines are.

Pierce – May want to put one onto Barker 2nd floor.

Nick – May look but would try to put them on floors without one at all.

Parking Lots/Lounges

Cort – Looking at getting arrows and no parking strips in the parking lot in Clinton to better direct traffic. Also looking into putting in speed bumps. In Detroit we are looking into putting arrows or signs in. Also looking into improving Barker basement lounge.

Cody – Asked if we do one if we can still do the rest.

Nick – We have a set budget for operating and a set budget for capital improvement projects. We have only allocated capital improvement money for one project so we still have a good chunk of money left to spend on a combination of capital improvement projects.

Robert – Asked if we are looking at Kresge basement as well.

Kelsey – Suggested looking into Kresge 2nd floor lounge.

Cort – Will look at Kresge as well.

Blake – Asked about the location of the parking.

Cort – Explained where we will be putting lines in Clinton parking lot so students can get through the lot without driving through the grass. Speed bumps will probably be put at the back corners of the building.

Blake – Does not feel like something that the SGA should pay for, Simpson should pay for it.

Other Project Ideas

Pierce – Could be neat to improve the patio outside of Dunn.

Lewis – Study spaces outdoors would be a good project as well.

Robert – Worked last year on creating more study spaces, are looking at creating a space on the South side of Dunn by taking out the plants and putting in a space for studying. We have also looking at building outside of Pfieffer. They are thinking about putting a building where the old art building used to be.

Nick – If there are other ideas please send them into someone on the finance committee. Currently also working on charging stations around campus. We will be talking to people about putting charges in spaces before putting them into buildings.


Kelsey – Hump Day Ha’s is tonight and trivia is on Friday.

Bobbi – SARA needs volunteers for a new event.

Robert – Wants everyone to listen to his radio show.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:46.

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