SGA Minutes 11.9.16

SGA Minutes – 11.9.16

Minute Approval – approved

*Move to recognize Dr Wolf

Dr. Wolf: “I’m working on an honors program, and I’m coming to you to tell you about it. “

Background: Honors programs are standard and have been around all over. We have students who are interested in pushing themselves and want more that we’re just not providing at Simpson. This can be used to attract new students interested in the program. Create two programs instead of a one size fits all. One with a cap of 10 students, it would have a scholarship, housing, augmented ECC, and interdisciplinary study. The second program would be open to anyone on campus who meets the requirements, and you would apply. This would also have an augmented ECC and an interdisciplinary aspect. Both programs would have co-curricular programing, classes and fun.  Hopefully it can start next fall. The full thing would be in Fall of 2018 if things go as planned. There would be an advisor committee for students to serve on as well.

Nick: “So one of the things that attracted me at Simpson was the ability to double major and such. So with this honors program, would that still fit into scheduling?”

Wolf: “Yes, there are national best practice guidelines for honors programs.”

Pierce: “My question is about the scholarships, I could only take one scholarship because they clashes so how would that work”

Wolf: It depends on the program, we’re aiming to make the honors scholarship higher than other ones you will be offered.

Courtney: “If you come in with a good GPA, but it falls in college will you be excused from the program?”

Wolf: “Yes. There will be a probationary period though because things happen.”

Cody: “What would the requirements be?”

Wolf: “We’re talking about a 3.75 GPA, ACT of low 30s, or ranking of top 5% in your class. For the larger program we would pin it to the dean’s list.”


Student Body President Robert:

Robert: “We’re starting transition documents for the new people coming in. There will also be new constitution updates coming to you guys. Mostly procedural, and the other I will explain in the meeting because out of context it won’t sound correct. It would be a restructuring of the committees, but it wouldn’t take effect until the next semester.”

SGA Manager Sarah Baker

  • Absences – need to email me
  • WordPress – up and running
  • Social Media  – invite your friends & send me things to post

Senior Class President Ishaya David:

Ishaya: “We don’t have much on our plate right now”

Junior Class President Nick Laning-

  • Budget Requests

Nick: “We’re looking into more inside capital improvement projects since facilities can’t work outside on them in the Winter.”

Sophomore Class President Pierce Carey:

  • Projects beginning
  • Meeting with Simmons tomorrow – Epic Challenge
  • Committee meeting directly after

First year class president Lewis

  • PRSSA Announcement

Lewis: “We decided that at the moment, we are not comfortable paying them. We sent an email today about it, and we could have them do mailers and monthly newsletters.”

    • Mailers
    • One page monthly newsletters
  • Kindness day went well!

Any other reports:

Food committee:

  • SURVEY coming out for new venues soon!
    Boards and flex back to buy extra of both! Criteria for getting extra. Flex limit, depleted boards
    Soy milk in abp now! Chocolate option could come soon!
    Croutons in bags for salads
    Styrofoam cups gone
    Gluten free fridge stocked better hopefully, don’t be afraid to ask for things you want from staff
    Gluten free muffins in Millie’s
    Looking for vegan for cream cheese
    Vegan lunch options happening usually
    Kuring coming to Tyler’s soon potentially

Old business:


New Business:

Britney: “On Monday we’re meeting about the honors program, so I would love your opinion about it.”

Geoff: Worries of exclusivity

Pierce: “We didn’t have an issue with exclusivity with the pilot version”

Informal vote: All in favor

  • Cancel November 23 and no exec meeting


Motion carries

  • $1,000 for Sydney’s sign if cabinet sends us a proof
    • It officially got approved last week, Simmons is for it
    • December 1st we want to plant
    • Still need to flyer the community

Motion carries

  • Simpson Men of Music- $300
    • The Simpson Men of Music met with our committee on Monday night to discuss their budget request. They requested $300.00 for their event called “Lekberg Tea”. Our committee was fine with their request, and we approved their request.

Motion carries

  • MSA- $2000
    • MSA requested $2000 to fund their Thanksgiving event and Carver’s fall open house. The SGA Finance Committee recommends that we allocate $2000 to them.

Motion carries

Abstention: Ishaya

General Discussion

  • Nick: Card for officers
    • Two $50 plant arrangements to send to the police stations
  • Prairie Project Update
  • Faculty Meeting
    • Policy change in the ECC


  • Meeting tomorrow after the election stuff that Simmons sent out (3:30-4:30 Blackbox)
  • Commemorating officers
  • Trivia Friday in Tylers at 8:00pm
  • Football game Saturday, parachuting guy
  • Cross Country regional meet
  • Office hours every Wednesday from 1-2:30pm
  • Carver open house Friday
  • Kansas basketball game the 11th
  • Rotaract 8:10-9:20 – operation christmas child

Adjournment: 8:11pm

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