1.11.17 SGA Minutes

Student Government Meeting

January 11, 2017

Complete minutes as follows:

Roll Call: Blake Brown, Drew Roen, Tre Loge, Tristan Carmen, Kelsey Schott, Britney Samuelson, Emma Schlenker, Sydney Samples, Pierce Carey, Nick Laning, Ishaya David, Cody Isabel, Geoff Converse, Casey Nickel, Courtney Craig, Lewis Cox, Abby Schulte, Morgan Moline


Absent: Cort Singleton, Cole Tramp



Student Body Vice-President Pierce:

Rules and expectations

Heidi E-mail

Student Body President Sydney:

New Co-manager

Committee Structure Review

Combine committees Advocacy and Internal Affairs

New Committee: Advocacy- Student Life & Public Relations

Faculty Meeting

Heidi E-mail-survey

Senior Class President Ishaya David:

Meet Friday to organize meetings rest of semester

Campus Day

All Org.


Junior Class President-Nick Laning

Operating budget for Spring semester: $33,033.50

Typically where budget is at, but there is more organizations so have to be careful

on what SGA is spending on. More activity, but that means more money

going out.

Spring budget meeting

Capital improvement projects-email Nick


Sophomore Class President-?



Freshman Class President Lew Cox:

Quarter zip pullovers ordered


Food Committee

60 percent replied to a campus wide survey

Tyler’s limited time offers to start, add more variety.

ABP and Red Mango may be changing, but to similar food entity. ABP and Red

Mango are national chains so Simpson has no control over prices.



January 12 meeting tomorrow with Dr. Wolf to go over student Honors Program.


Old Business:

Police Fundraiser

Courtney: Over winter break push for radios for Indianola Police Department. Org.

Committee will take up the responsibility  to finding a way to help fundraise

money for the Department.

Ishaya: the contradiction with finances. SGA cannot buy shirts and resell as

fundraiser, but can support an event that is a fundraiser.

Pierce: idea of working with the Criminal Justice Department.

Cody: idea of a raffle fundraiser.

Megan: raffling must be approved with the state of Iowa and the fundraiser could be done

with the Indianola community as well.


Student Body Elections


Nick moves to bring back conversation on student body elections. Geoff seconds it.

Sydney asks if those running for office should be videotaped by SGA when running for

office. Points were brought up that logistically there a lot of candidates where it

would be difficult to do for senate and president elections.

Lewis brought up that SGA either should or should not require videos so SGA does not

be seen to favor certain candidates.

Emma: wonder what guidelines should be put on videos when making them.

Morgan: to get to know candidates should do a Q and A video after the election.

Blake: Videos are campaigning and each individual should be responsible for their


Brittney: SGA should not be responsible for sharing a campaign information. Also does

this mean we have to share posters?

Casey: agree with Brittney.

Pierce: poster and videos can be kept separate.

Lewis: What are the parameters on posters?

Cody: SGA should be completely unbiased in election.

Tristan: Let videos be completely up to candidates. Will not share them.



Sydney: instead of debate call it a community forum. Candidates are not allowed to

respond to each other.

Tristan: more headache than helpful.

Cody: Community forum  is better than a debate to be fair

Blake: Just for student body.

Kelsey: forum better than debate. Questions should come from students campus wide, doesn’t think they should know questions ahead of time, but they should knw topics.  Nick: Make it a forum during 1-2 time period.

Tristan: Event could just be where students could come talk to candidates before the election.

Pierce: proposes it to be similar to the past “Ask me Anything” panel.

Sydney: hand raise in favor: over half of the SGA supports this idea being drafted.


Ticket voting

Tre: could exclude people from voting and don’t want that to happen.

Geoff: could encourage to pick people to who get most votes, not who could do best job.

Ticket voting will be scrapped since most people are against.


New Business:

Swearing in of Morgan Moline

Emma Schlenker moves to Kelby Kies be appointed to the vacant opening of the LAC

Committee. Unanimous Yay vote.


General Discussion:

Sophomore elections. Voting 16-18. If needed special election voting will be the 21-25

with campaigning to be previous to date.


Secretary of State voter ID law.

Brittney: IA regent college Presidents have come out against bill. Should Simpson take


Nick: Seen Drake get very political and could see this hinder Simpson and is

inappropriate for conservatives to feel marginalized on campus.

Brittney: explains bill. Wants SGA to act more nonpartisan and just say Simpson sees this

as an important issue.

Tristan: SGA as a whole should not be involved, but individuals themselves should.

Casey: We don’t want negative attention shined on SGA at Simpson. Just encourage

students to act as individuals on this issue.

Brittney: Other SGA’s go to the Capitol to lobby for their students.

Sydney: Culver Center issue?

Geoff: If this affects every college students it’s not a big deal to represent them.

Nick: It doesn’t affect every student. Some students on Simpson will support this

legislation so SGA cannot act on a notion for every student’s opinion on Simpson.

Kelsey: Simpson students are being impacted by this issue. 30 percent of the first year

class are out of state.

Pierce: Even if it effects one person SGA can have a stance.

Casey: Better to make a push on this campus to inform students of the changes that are


Pierce: Advocacy Committee could make posters informing students of issue.  

Morgan: Team up with other SGAs in the state.

Cody: SGA should stay out of all political issues. Could scare off possible candidates that

may want to run for SGA in the future.


Electronic Posters: Tristan is trying to get Kelly Bradder to give a demo


CAB Craft night Friday


Informal Sorority Recruitment this weekend.


Blind Date with a Book is Saturday at 9 pm.


Basketball game Saturday night.


Food Committee Meeting is two weeks from today.


Tristan moves to adjourn

Cody seconds.

Unanimous vote to adjourn.

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