1.18.17 SGA Minutes

1/18/17 Minutes

Minute Approval




Make meetings more efficient

Get points in on tuesday


Senior Class President

All org. Council

Greek may not attend

Campus Day

I Back the Blue Fundraiser

Nursing Home

Tip Night at Pizza Ranch


Junior Class President

Budget Requests

Sent out updated Finance Code, changes may come in next weeks

Capital improvement projects ideas are needed

Conference Reporting and End of Semester Reports will start soon

All Org. Council Programming


Sophomore Class President

Tre Loge excited to serve


Freshmen Class President

Advertising the Epic Challenge

Voter ID potential leg

Sports equipment checking out

Morgan: advertise it better

Alternating schedules

Reaching out to colleges similar to Simpson

Revamping public website

Semester progress newsletter

New student mailers


Old Business



New Business


Swearing in Tre Loge as Sophomore Class President


Sophomore Elections

Tie for Senator race

No Precedent for this situation

Option 1: Swear in both candidates since Tre’s seat is now open

Option 2: Election with two tied candidates for one seat, and then nomination and
voting process for the second senate seat.

Sydney recommends Option 1, explains there was a glitch in the system that did not
affect the outcome

Ishaya: Option 1

Kelsey: would there have been a second election is there wasn’t a tie?

Syd: Yes, now we will have 2 more elections instead of the one more

Cody: Option 1

Lewis: Option 1 and wondering if we need a press release

Blake: Do others know there was a glitch.

Casey: This incidence should set precedent

Cody: Moves to vote to end discussion

Lewis: seconds it

Discussion ends

Cody moves to vote on option 1 and 2, it’s seconded

Favor option 1: 12, Oppose Option 1: 3


Budget Request

Nick moves to allocate $3250 for 100 Days of Seniors. Tristan seconds. Events
will occur throughout second semester, not just one event.

Tristan moves to allocate $2500 to The Actuarial Science Club. Nick seconds.
$2500 goes to math modeling.


Nick moves to allocate to move $6000 from Capital Improvement Project for the
library project. School did contribute some money to project. SGA can choose


Student Conduct Board


General Discussion


Actuarial Science Exams

Nick: Actuarial Science asked for funding to help pay for actuarial exams before
a student graduates. Budget Committee decided against it.

Morgan: Agrees with Nick. Opens up

Geoff: Shouldn’t pay for.

Tre: Will be studying for these exams and doesn’t think SGA should fund.

Tristan: Is there a scholarship for pay for exams?

Geoff: Jobs sometimes help pay for.

Kelsey: Is there prep courses?

Geoff: Yes

Simpsonian Voter ID article

Brittney: was not giving her opinion on behalf of SGA

Emma: Did the Simpsonian go back and edit part that the SGA was endorsing?

Casey: Showed the edited article

Sydney: Will be going to the Capitol to hear other college’s opinions on
the matter.

Senate races


  1. Others may want to run now
  2. Supposed to have two elections anyways
  3. Wasn’t in our bylaws

Sydney’s response: Others should have ran the first time if they were
passionate enough. More of a circumstantial provision. Voter turnout is

Trey’s opinion on Senate races

Eliminate’s transfer student’s ability to run for SGA

Pierce: Elections are coming up in April so they can run then.

Casey: The more elections we have in a shorter amount of time, turnout will go

Ishaya: Glad to hear others’ opinions on the matter. With so many elections,
those who are elected will not have time to operate on SGA before next general

Nick: If circumstance is not in bylaws, it goes down to a parliamentary option.

Kelsey: Did not think option 1 was the most fair. Thinks a press release should
be made to explain the situation.

Geoff: Asked to keep discussion open longer when debate on the topic is going

Lewis: Should we have a press release?

Kelsey: Yes, we announce our winners anyway.

Emma: Release would be easy.
Casey: Help explain the situation and allows students to understand what’s
going on.

Tre: Does SGA need to be transparent or not?

Nick: Transparency is more how we do things, not the data on how we got

Ishaya: If you openly put data on how many votes a candidate got, it may
discourage others to run.

Tre: Numbers were given in the past.

Emma: Are there specifics in bylaws of you can know election data?

Courtney: Agrees with Emma that something should be in bylaws.

Kelsey: Can student advocacy can look into this issue?

Emma: Internal Affairs typically handles.

Lewis: Will address in his committee.

Nick: Internal Affairs needs to make a proposed election code change.




SARA applications due January 27.

First underground January 27.

ATO event on Sunday at Smith Chapel at 10 am


Tristan moves to adjourn. Cody seconds.

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