1.25.17 SGA Minutes

1-25-17 Minutes


Minute Approval



Student Body VP


Congratulations to Jacob Becker and Madi Riley

New name tags

Picture wall has been updated

Will be updated again with first year election

Minutes will be put out day after tomorrow


Student Body President

Lighting Request

First year Elections

Voter ID Discussion at Capitol

Brought up points addressed in letter

Hit Simpson if they update technology

Out of state students would still be able to vote, get card in the mail,
turbovote would still be able to work


Girls Bathroom


Senior Class President

Back to Blue Campaign

Sell shirts

Student roundup fundraiser in book store

All Org. Council

No budget request needed for food

Conferences how to be able to check out rooms, fill out forms, effective
programs, etc.


Junior Class President-Nick Laning

Budget Requests

Finance Code Changes

Projects-motion sensor lights in fraternities/sororities

Financial outlook and update


Sophomore Class President

Team will find a new meeting time


First Year Class President

EPIC Challenge

Alternating Schedules

Checking out equipment

Voter ID Law

Emma conference idea

Revamping website

Semester Progress newsletter

Will be sent out

New Student Mailers

Screen cleaner?

Food Committee

Lambda and ATO Dinners

Humus  meal


New Signage in Pfieffer

Vegan area

ABP Chip Selection



Approved justice leadership certificate


Old Business


New Business

Swear in Madi Riley and Jacob Becker


Budget Request

SARA: $1,150 for t shirts

Dance Marathon: $5200. $1,800 goes to pay for meals in Dance Marathon.
Majority are Simpson students, but not all.

Nick: Should Simpson pay for meals that aren’t for Simpson Students

Morgan: How many people aren’t students? Is there a way we can
fundraiser money for the families?

Cody: 20ish people

Casey: They asked for significantly less money than last year.

Tre: Is there a rule about this in the financial code?

Nick: Not really. Another example where SGA pay for others is Stand

Britney: There are blurred lines on what the standard is. Should
Financial Code should cover this to avoid future problems?

Emma: Some food at Marathon will be paid for by a sponsor.

Tristan: Agrees with Brittney

Nick: Decisions are made by majority of body. $1800 is hard to find a
sponsor for.

Casey: Multiple sponsors help pay for family’s hotel rooms. Thinks
something for code in case of future events.

Cody: Event is only a few weeks out.

$375 to Pep Band

Nick: Request was originally over $2500. Haven’t given pep band
money in past because they have gotten it from other money
pots. Money goes to new music.

$2400 to Black Student Union

Nick: Originally requested $8900, but couldn’t give that much BSU is
going through growing pains of a new organization. Money will
go to pot luck event, tshirt, button, food cost for meetings, culture
Fashion show

Linda: President of BSU, have had four events. Potluck will be Feb. 17
and is partnered with Sodexo. Culture Fashion Show will be
during Black History Show. Food pantry donation to get into
Fashion Show. Explained other events that didn’t get funding.

Nick: Explains BSU is getting more money than usual for start up
events. Also, explains how SGA’s budget is tight currently.

Courtney: How many members? How many events so far?

Linda: 10. No events so far because of funding.

Geoff: For potluck do people bring food or Sodexo cater?

Linda: Sodexo cater, but BSU chose food.


Finance Code Changes

Section 1: Point A, Sub point (10)

Section 3: Point B, Sub point (a); roman umber (vii)

Section 3: Point C, subpoint (a); Roman Numeral (viii)

Friendly Amendment

Section 6 Requirement for new organizations


Lighting Request

$15,000 to areas of campus that are most dark and will get lighting.
Money is coming from Capital Improvement budget

Operating Budget has around $9000 after Campus Day and March to End the Isms
funds are taken out.


General Discussion

“I Back the blue tshirts” needs a tshirt design

“I Back the blue Action” Connect Floor, ATO are doing individual activities. Tip night at
Pizza ranch or nursing home idea? Courtney will take it back to committee to

Student Body Elections

Simpson elections go by Calendar year, other schools go by school year

Could add a transition time to help newly elected officers. Would give more
time for refill elections. Elections would be moved up a few weeks to allow
transition time. Student advocacy will take this up.



SARA applications due Friday


Women’s Leadership Panel is Feb. 23 at 7 pm

Underground Friday



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