2.1.17 SGA Minutes


Call to Order



Recognize Dean Eaton


Recognize Dennis

Student Veterans of America Conference

New Student Veteran Orientation

Veteran Center $10,000 grant

Enhance certification process for GI bill

Veteran benefits used up after 36 months

Intercultural Communication/Global Perspective designation




Student Body VP Pierce

Congratulations Charlie Cross

Board of trustees: EPIC, Lighting

Meeting rules


Student Body President Sydney


Dean search

Possible partnership between Simpson, Drake, and Grandview


Student Class President Ishaya

All Org. Council

Meeting with Jeff next Wed. to discuss Campus Day

Cody meet with Mindy to discuss food for Campus Day (will send budget request
when we get price from Sodexo)

Will send Tshirt design email next week


Junior Class President Nick

First Conference Report: Student Veterans of America

Budget Requests


Sophomore Class President Tre

Working on election code changes

Looking into parking tickets and if the college can notify you when you get one so you
can move your car


First Year Class President Lewis

Semester Progress Newsletter


Office Hours


Old business


New business

Swearing in Charlie Cross


Budget Requests

$1,348 to Acorn

$100 to Pep Band for supplies


General Discussion

Live Tweeting during meeting

Lewis: Students more likely to read tweets than watch stream

Sydney: Tweet highlights after meeting

Morgan: Agree with Sydney and Rich could live tweet

Cody: Live Tweeting successful in the past

Courtney: Kyle could live Tweet

Kelsey: In past when tweets were funny which got students to talk about

Pierce: Could also add a Instagram

Alumni Sponsors

Sydney: Propose ideas that alumni could give to campus; gifts around $1000


Veterans/Commuting Room

Quarter Zip




APO Munchies and Masks

ATO Superbowl Party 5:30 Sunday

CAB BINGO Friday 9

CAB Cake Boss Decorating

CAB Superbowl party 5 Sunday

Penny War for Connect Floor



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