EPIC Corporate Challenge

SIMPSON – The Board of Trustees on Friday, February 3rd approved the EPIC Corporate Challenge as proposed by the SGA in a resolution to promote the leadership of women on campus.

The EPIC Corporate Challenge outlines goals that promote the retention, hiring, equal payment, and leadership of women within organizations that sign on to the challenge. The State of Iowa, Drake and many other corporations and institutions have already committed to this challenge.

Sen. Britney Samuelson (Sr.) has spearheaded the effort behind the Challenge, and said, “I’m so proud to go to an institution that not only recognizes the importance of equality but that is also proactive in its efforts to achieve it. The commitment to equality that the Board of Trustees and the administration have shown by accepting the EPIC Corporate Challenge makes me optimistic for the future of Simpson, and I am eager to see the impact that this agreement will have on the college in the years to come.”

Of the five areas of improvement put forward by the EPIC Corporate Challenge, the Board approved to move forward with three (listed below):

* To increase the retention rate of women at all levels within Simpson

* To monitor, discover and address gender-based pay gaps

* To increase the number of women on the Simpson College Board of Trustees.

This action was brought to the attention of the administration after members of the SGA met with President Simmons and his cabinet. After receiving support from President Simmons, the SGA passed a resolution encouraging the administration and the Board of Trustees to sign the EPIC Corporate Challenge.

In order to further promote the leadership of women on our campus, the SGA will be hosting the event “Ladies who Lead: A Panel on Women in Leadership” on Thursday, February 23rd at 7pm in Hubbell Hall I. The panel will include well-known women representing government, business, the non-profit sector, and STEM fields, who will have a discussion about the benefits of having women in leadership as well as their own experiences as female leaders in our community.


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