SGA Minutes 2.22.17

Call to Order


Minute Approval


Student Body Vice-President Pierce Carey

Student body President Sydney Samples

Alumni gift suggestions need by the end of the nights

University Senate open meeting Thursday from 1:45 to 2:30 in Hubbell Hall2

Greek picture 6:50 pm next Wednesday


Senior Class President Ishaya David

Kyle is going to help put campus day ads in Newspaper

Teams sign up next week for campus day

Student visits through Simpson and Tuskegee Colleges to each other colleges

Junior Class President Nick Laning

No budget requests

Britney emailed about Kent Lecture Hall and it’s condition. Committee talked and
decided it is simpson’s job to fix, not SGA’s

Solar panel idea on top of buildings given to Charlie


Sophomore Class President Tre Loge

Meeting tonight after general

CAB convention report next week


First Year Class President Lewis Cox

Ladies Who Lead Panel on Thursday at 7 in Hubbell 1

William Penn

Expecting to be at Simpson on the 29th

Parking tickets still being worked on


Simpson Day on the Hill

Redoing the tri-fold

Name and title plaques for the pictures for new Senators


Other reports

Nick is excited that the student voice was heard through participation on the Dean
Search Committee and the committee chose to retain kent Eaton as permanent
Academic Dean


Food Committee

New York Style Deli to replace ABP as soon as Fall 2017

Pfieffer Signature Dinner Saturday night

Tyler’s peanut and butter jelly sandwich mik up has been fixed


Old Business

New Business


No budget requests


General Discussion


Alumni Gift for Capital Improvement Project Donation

$1000 limit


Add a art piece to the plaza


Lighting project

Alternative Seating for classrooms

Outdoor study area

Ping pong/pool table

Stained glass window

Piece of Art


Banner update in Pfieffer


Largest preference: Art work, hammock for student check out, bench, fire pit



No consistent place to shower after working out

No towels

Advocacy will take up



Explain it is ok to vote against the majority



Bingo Friday in Black Box

All Campus Spring Formal Saturday in Hubbel

Ladies who Lead

Pi Beta Phi KCQ Winners

President’s Simmons wife of Pre-Health Society Chili cook off

Iowa History Center Jeopardy Tuesday

Cash Prizes

7 in Black Box

Culver Lecture March 13 in BPAC with Chuck Hagel

Friday is Nostalgia Dance, lessons at 6:30



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