SGA Minutes 3.1.17


Call to order

Roll Call



Lewis Cox

Abby Schulte

Casey Nickel

Charlie Cross

Geoff Converse

Morgan Moline

Britney Samuelson

Cody Isabel

Kelsey Schott

Blake Brown

Nick Laning

Tre Loge

Drew Roen

Emma Schlenker

Jacob Becker

Sydney Samples

Pierce Carey

Cort Singleton



Madi Riley

Tristen Carmen

Courtney Craig

Ishaya David


Minutes are Approved from last week


Student Body President Sydney Samples

Constitution and by-law changes

Election Code Changes

Alumni Gift recommendation Report

Alumni is still deciding on the project to donate

Liked outdoor project ideas

Really enjoyed the art idea

Former art majors may donate art to school

Potentially add benches, chairs, and hammock around campus

SGA may purchase hammocks

Pfeiffer wall decorations may be updated after Spring Break with help from
marketing department

Senior Class President Ishaya Report delivered by Geoff

$320 quote for newspaper ads for service project outreach for Campus Day

Team signup and t shirt design voting will go out Monday after Spring Break

Flag Football


Junior Class President Nick

Budget Requests will be given out later in meeting

Nick will send out End of Semester Reports trial in April to analyze by the May

Nick is making Finance Code and send out fully updated copy

Lewis will work on PR release for study rooms on the thrid floor library


Sophomore Class President Tre

Shoutout to Britney for Women in Leadership Panel

Still working on parking ticket information being emailed out to students so they are
aware of the violation


Freshman Class President Lewis

Redoing the trifold for first year students that would come in the mail

William Penn College will be visiting Simpson and SGA on March 29th and rest of
SGA should stay after to meet with them


CAB Baltimore Trip

Education sessions were attended

One was on how to get more people to attend musical events

5 comedians were found for Hump Day Has

Found an accapella group that could be hired to come to campus


Food Committee

Sodexo food survey about to close


Old Business


New Business

Budget Requests given by Nick

$74 for new SGA member’s plaques from normal internal SGA budget

Unanimously passed

$2,300 for student mailers for Capital Improvement fund

New project so comes from Capital Improvement

Lewis explains their will order 400 mailers. One panel in the mailer will

be on SGA and include a pennant flag magnet, SC decal

Unanimously passed


$500 allocate to Cancer Awareness Club for 5k tshirts. This allows all
registration fees for 5k to go to John Stoddard Cancer Center

Unanimously passed


$525 allocate PRSSA Conference for 2 seniors and 1 junior.
Nick has concerns since the request was not turned in four weeks early and seniors will not be able to improve campus with what they learn since they will graduate. Also the conference is for networking for jobs.

Morgan agrees with Nick and points out education majors have to pay for their own networking opportunities.

Pierce asks if they have paid yet

Nick doesn’t know

Emma How many people are going?

Nick 3

Lewis violates our code so we should not fund

Casey the opportunity was given to all PRSSA so not just seniors. They have also known about the conference for enough time to turn the budget request in on time

Britney did they offer any feedback on how they could give back to campus through the conference?

Nick No

Sydney We don’t fund money for past events so if they already paid for it we can’t pay for it.

Kelsey Where are we budget wise?

Nick $5400 left in our operating budget. And the Campus Day request is

$1,000 more than was thought so after that we will have $4,400

Morgan What normally happens in this situation

Nick we normally just inform them so they don’t make the mistake again. This is different than the Simpsonian late registration because they can still contribute back to the college with what they learned.

Morgan Can offer finance committee speak on what they thought in the committee.

Casey I have a problem with the networking. I think we should also stick to our rules for the finance code.

Nick The budget request was poorly turned in as well.

The motion does not carry and the budget request is not granted


Constitution and Bylaws Revision

SGA President is changed from speaking at Spring convocation to opening Fall weekend convocation. SGA President will speak at fall All-College Convocation, Campus programs upon as invitation, and inclusion on the Board of Trustees’ agenda must be garnered from the office of the college president.


Election Code Revision

Changes Article 1 to add Class President to election code

Adds Section 2 to have a Presidential Forum to give time for students to come and have a conversation with presidential and vice presidential candidates. Wording accommodates inviting and all candidates will be given time to speak.  

Cort Would we still have if candidates are running unopposed

Pierce yes

Britney Who will judge if language is derogatory?

Sydney Moderators will ensure candidates only speak about what themselves will do as President or Vice President.

Britney Could we take out the language that even address the derogatory?

Casey I think we should leave it in for the rare chance it could happen.

Sydney Section 2 is meant to act as a backbone and rules and guidelines will be written out in the future

Morgan offers a friendly Amendment of chance Section 2 D, d to candidates can only speak in positive ways

Kelsey How positive does the candidate have to be?

Morgan If we word it in a positive or neutral manner it is better.

Kelsey Should we only talk about positive issues?

Morgan We should be as positive as possible

Emma Wants it to stay the way it is now because it is vague enough to allow rules to talk over.

Casey Section is giving the intent to have a forum, not getting into rules. Fixing issues is a positive discussion.

Tre makes a friendly amendment to strike section d which starts to imply rules. Amendment is adopted

Kelsey make sure there is equal opportunity for knowledge towards questions

Section 2 is adopted.


New Business

PRSSA Budget denial

Pierce Maybe we should have PRSSA come to an executive meeting to talk about why they were denied

Nick I should do it because it’s my job and I have done it before

Sydney agrees with Nick

Geoff Should we limit how many conferences an organization go to?

Nick The problem isn’t how many they go to, but how much we spend for them.

Morgan It is hard to be more equitable instead of equal. Estimated whole year budget request for groups on conference requests

Casey Number of conferences aren’t a problem until end of year when money is running low

Geoff My thought process is that we should not just give free trips for people to go to. So if you limit groups, they will go to the best conferences for them

Sydney We should start tracking what conferences are going to so we can decide which are quality conferences and should be funded. Quality of Quantity

Lewis Conferences change every year so it will vary. We should try to find a public number so it works for the next year.

Nick agress should try and find a way to limit conferences. Body of SGA needs to be more willing to say no and then the issue of conferences would be solved.

Cort Doesn’t think we should wander into micromanaging. Finance committee tries hard to look at request and the entire SGA can vote on the request as well

Nick Should use conference reports as a tool to address how students are utilizing the conference.

Sydney Can student org at the beginning of the year so students know what to do?


Cort a Student’s wondering how to check Pfeiffer menu online

Cody explains there is a online APP

Sydney explains there is an online menu

Casey Red Mango changes their schedule and asks Cody to look into


March 13 at 7 Chuck Hagel will be in Hubbell Hall to give Culver Lecture

Midnight Breakfast will be at 10 tonight in Pfieffer

Britney thanks everyone who came to the Panel last week

March 17 Outside Scoop opens for season




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