SGA Minutes 3.15.17

Roll Call



Morgan Moline

Tre Loge

Cort Singleton




Model UN  Midwest Convention Report given by Robert Lyons and Sarah Heiderstadt

Over 400 students at convention

Simpson students represented four different countries

Students visited St. Louis Budweiser Factory, Arch, and Courthouse

Topics students discussed included Human Rights, Women’s’ Rights, Torture
and more

Bring Back to college:

Research Skills, Advocacy Experience, Consensus Building
Experience, Critical thinking, Understanding of International Affairs,
Connections with schools throughout region, Market experience to prospect
Students, speaking & debating skills


Library Update Report given by Robert Lyons

3rd Floor Quiet Study Spaces

New sign at front Entrance that says SGA

Original Artwork for decoration

Art contest to for students to compete in and winner will have art piece

Consists of study rooms with white boards


Student Body Vice President Report Pierce Carey

Next week with Debate tournament quorum is only reached if everyone not in
debate comes; so everyone needs to come


Student President Report Sydney Samples

Dinner at Heidi’s on the night before Reading Day for SGA member get
Together, April 24 at 5:30

Alumni Project Update will be given in general discussion

Needs names of members will to help with Pfieffer sign project

Cody, Casey


Senior Class President Ishaya David

Campus Day team sign up

Not as many teams have signed up as last year so will be sending out a

T-shirt voting ends Friday for Campus Day

Flag football can’t happen on Campus Day because intramurals have field

Trash the teachers is being planned and will be discussed in General
Discussion, teachers will be nominated, popsicles will be there

Junior Class President Nick Laning

Budget Requests

Spring Budget Hearings will be April 6th 7-10 pm

Projects are moving forward


Sophomore Class President Tre Loge

Tre was not present so Lewis gave his report during the First Year Class report


First Year Class President Lewis Clark

SGA pullovers came in, one given to President Simmons and Heidi


Time to sign up for SGA and when to run will be in

William Penn. University will be here in 2 weeks to observe meeting

Parking Ticket Project is moving forward with template possibility. Template
would just say you have been issued a ticket, is not specific to location

Adult Learners

Looking into Meal plan options for them to accommodate their schedule

Dorm could possibly place they can stay during breaks

Simpson Day on the Hill being planned at Iowa Capitol


Food Committee Cody Isabel

New Pfeiffer fancy meal

Rib or seafood night soon. Students will have option to vote on which
one they prefer

Replacing ABP

The cost of replacing ABP will be high when transitioning over to the
replacement but the lower food cost will make so net even for
budget from cost to change and from profit they will make

Potential food sampling of new food coming before CAB events

Food will be similar to a New York style deli

There will also be a presentation/informative meeting about what could
possibly replace ABP; may be before a CAB event

ABP food quality will now have supervisors until closing due to poor quality of
food later in the day

Picnic lunch on Campus Day will be provided

EPCC Britney Samuelson

May Term 2018 courses approved and will now go to faculty

Engaged Citizen Curriculum will be looked at by review board


All Campus Budget Committee Nick Laning

Students will may be involved in faculty member positions. If students have
concerns over a professor being rehired or not students should talk to Nick


Old Business

Changes of Constitution from last week can now be voted on in new business


New Business

Constitution changes from last week

Some of the wording was re written to clarify duties the President has to speak
at functions when invited to. Functions can be student organization

Passes Unanimously


Election Code Changes from last week

Set dates for first year elections in order to put them in first year mailers

Changes elections to be in first three weeks of school instead of September to
accommodate changing start dates of the school year

Passes Unanimously


Budget Requests

$7,500 to cover Campus Day tshirts, food, materials

Passes Unanimously

$400 to Tedx which is for Ted Talk at Simpson College. 7 Speakers will present
and over 52 people are set up. Tedx is Saturday. Money will go to
catering between sessions during the day. Talks are from students and
faculty about an ever changing world.

Passes Unanimously

$850 to Feminist Club in order to have a Sex Ed. workshop. Money goes to
presenter fees, catering, posters. Event will be next Thursday.


About $3000 left in operating budget


General Discussion

Alumni Project Discussion

Sydney: Outdoor fire pit partnered with SGA. SGA would provide chairs,
hammocks, seating and Alumni would provide fire pit

Would most likely be in grass area outside Mary Berry

Probably would go in over summer and be ready for use in the Fall of

Most materials could stay outside over winter, but would need to find a
place to store. Possibly in Old Catholic Church

Chairs that are easy to stack and store are being looked at

Groups would request to use and then be granted or denied permission

Other schools (Central) have and are trying to follow their

Security will be make sure fire is out at night

Consensus of SGA to move forward on this project


Cabinet Forum Fall 2017

Time on Wednesday during 1 pm during the fall block for students to

meet with Cabinet to answer questions students may have.

Put face with names on campus for when they need help

Need to make sure questions are hostile and are broad

Could possibly extend to prospective students

General consensus members like this idea


Trash the Professors

Nominations: Dr. Lyons (Cody), Dr. Epperson (Nick), Kyle, Shane Cox, Pauley (cody), Brian Steffan (tristan), Marty Feeney (kelsey), Clint Meyer (cody), Mark Gammon (kelsey), Nick Proctor (Geoff), Spencer Waugh, Kelly Bradder (Tristan), Jackie Brittingham (Blake) , Jill Johnson (Tristan), Dr. Ditzler (Cody), Dr. Brustkern (Cody), Ross-Nostrola (Pierce),

The “Roaster” will also be chosen by a panel

5 pm Campus Day Eve in Black Box




Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Desserts and Dialogue

March 16, 30 and April 20


Admitted Students Day on Friday

Wear Simpson Apparel

Intramural Kickball Campus Day 8 pm

Outside Scoop Opens Friday



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