President Simmons and Dr. Levine talk Campus Security with SGA

Simpson – President Simmons and Dr. Levine met with the Student Government Association to discuss and answer questions about a campus incident on April 6th.

On Thursday 04/06/2017 at about 9:30 P.M. a suspicious individual was spotted in the proximity of the Amy Robertson Music Building and the Chapel. A campus alert was sent out through the campus SAFE system stating “Please avoid the area around the Chapel and Amy Robertson Music. IPD is currently near the area investigating a suspicious individual.

Suspect is around 70 years of age and male. If in area, remain indoors in a safe location, sheltering in place. More info to come as information is gathered.” Subsequent messages were sent notifying people of more information about the individual, and eventually giving the all clear.

In response, the Student Government Association addressed the following list of concerns/ideas that could be implemented:

* Sending out more generic messages about a disturbance earlier

* Installing locks on classroom doors

* Locking down all of campus if a part of campus is on lockdown

* Emergency response training once-a-year

* Putting a student on the emergency preparedness committee

* SGA press release explaining emergency response procedure and what to do in different situations

In response to the above list President Simmons stated “Some of the ideas are excellent ones and I hope that we can work together to implement some of those.”

The president expressed interest in conducting emergency response training once-a-year. None of the ideas above have been implemented, although the Student Government Association is continually working with the college administration to explore ways that students can be involved in creating a safer campus environment.

For more information about the campus incident last Thursday:

Dean of Students

Luke Behaunek:

Vice President of Student Development/Planning:

Heidi Levine:

Director of Security

Chris Frerichs

For more Information about Student Government Association Involvement

Student Body President:

Sydney Samples

Student Body Vice President:

Pierce Carey

Or contact any current Student Government Association representatives

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