SGA Minutes 2.22.17

Call to Order Roll Minute Approval Reports Student Body Vice-President Pierce Carey Student body President Sydney Samples Alumni gift suggestions need by the end of the nights University Senate open meeting Thursday from 1:45 to 2:30 in Hubbell Hall2 Greek picture 6:50 pm next Wednesday   Senior Class President Ishaya David Kyle is going toContinue reading “SGA Minutes 2.22.17”

SGA Minutes 2.15.17

SGA Minutes 2.15.17 Call to Order Roll Minute Approval Reports Student Body Vice-President Pierce: Roses- Lewis Student Body President Sydney: Buzz App Greek Picture Professor Epperson thank you note Next Course Volunteers Needed!!! United Methodist Reaccreditation Forum Thursday, February 23rd from 1:45-2:30 in Hubbell II. Senior Class President Ishaya David : Flag football on campusContinue reading “SGA Minutes 2.15.17”

SGA Minutes 2.8.17

2/8/17 Call to order Roll Minute Approval Reports Student Body Vice-President Concise discussion during meeting   Student Body President Next Course Food Recovery System (need volunteers) Board of Trustees meeting-possibly  reaching out to them Retention Faculty during admission visits to talk to students Tuition increase is possible Invite trustees to campus Politics Senior Class PresidentContinue reading “SGA Minutes 2.8.17”

2.1.17 SGA Minutes

2/1/17 Call to Order Roll   Recognize Dean Eaton   Recognize Dennis Student Veterans of America Conference New Student Veteran Orientation Veteran Center $10,000 grant Enhance certification process for GI bill Veteran benefits used up after 36 months Intercultural Communication/Global Perspective designation   Reports   Student Body VP Pierce Congratulations Charlie Cross Board of trustees:Continue reading “2.1.17 SGA Minutes”

1.25.17 SGA Minutes

1-25-17 Minutes Roll Minute Approval Reports   Student Body VP Laptops Congratulations to Jacob Becker and Madi Riley New name tags Picture wall has been updated Will be updated again with first year election Minutes will be put out day after tomorrow   Student Body President Lighting Request First year Elections Voter ID Discussion atContinue reading “1.25.17 SGA Minutes”

1.18.17 SGA Minutes

1/18/17 Minutes Minute Approval Reports   President Make meetings more efficient Get points in on tuesday   Senior Class President All org. Council Greek may not attend Campus Day I Back the Blue Fundraiser Nursing Home Tip Night at Pizza Ranch   Junior Class President Budget Requests Sent out updated Finance Code, changes may comeContinue reading “1.18.17 SGA Minutes”

1.11.17 SGA Minutes

Student Government Meeting January 11, 2017 Complete minutes as follows: Roll Call: Blake Brown, Drew Roen, Tre Loge, Tristan Carmen, Kelsey Schott, Britney Samuelson, Emma Schlenker, Sydney Samples, Pierce Carey, Nick Laning, Ishaya David, Cody Isabel, Geoff Converse, Casey Nickel, Courtney Craig, Lewis Cox, Abby Schulte, Morgan Moline   Absent: Cort Singleton, Cole Tramp  Continue reading “1.11.17 SGA Minutes”

11.30.16 SGA Minutes

 SGA Agenda 11.30.16 Call to Order Roll – All present Minute Approval *Motion to recognize Tara Rehmeier* Indianola police radios 17 years old, mostly don’t work Community wide effort to support them to get new radios Ideas for fundraisers/donations Present at holiday extravaganza Individuals and businesses likely to give with the holiday season Police departmentContinue reading “11.30.16 SGA Minutes”