SGA Minutes 9.28.16

Nick Lanning Called the meeting to order at 7 pm. Last week’s minutes were approved after no additions or corrections. Robert, Student Body President, Report – President Simmons has been made aware of projects SGA is working on. Robert misses Erica. ————– Pierce, Sophomore Class President, Report Pierce – Casey, Drew, and Pierce met withContinue reading “SGA Minutes 9.28.16”

SGA Minutes 9.21.16

SGA Minutes 9.21.16 Start: 8:25pm All Present Previous minutes approved Reports Lewis: “We created a new mission statement, email with concerns.” Nick: “Can you send it out?” Robert: “Just post it to the FB page.” Cody: “Food committee is meeting Wednesday at 1:00pm, the 20th of September in Pfieffer.” Erica: “Can you email me theContinue reading “SGA Minutes 9.21.16”

SGA Minutes 9.14.16

SGA Meeting 9/14/16 Meeting opened at 7:02 PM with Heidi Levine introducing herself and the SGA members introducing herself to her. Minutes were approved after no additions or corrections.   Reports Erica: Checked to make sure everyone is on the mentor/mentee program. The list of students to be mentees are Courtney Craig, Casey Nickel, LewisContinue reading “SGA Minutes 9.14.16”

SGA Minutes 9.7.16

Here our the first minutes of the year! Contact your SGA representatives with questions or concerns. SGA Minutes 9.7.16 Present: Cort Singleton, Blake Brown, Drew Roen, Tre Loge, Teig Loge, Robert Lyons, Erica Heidler, Tristan Carmen, Kelsey Schott, Britney Samuelson, Emma Schlenker, Sydney Samples, Pierce Carey, Nick Laning, Ishaya David, Cody Isabel, Geoff Converse, CaseyContinue reading “SGA Minutes 9.7.16”