The Formal Explanation: The Student Government Association is the centralized, representative body for student government on the Simpson College campus. Our role as the campus student government involves dealing with a broad range of issues relating to student life on the campus and overseeing the budgets of most recognized student organizations. We are interested in hearing from students who have recommendations for improving the lives of students at Simpson and we typically become actively involved in most issues on the campus.

Our Explanation: A group of students here for the students. Organized so we can effectively hear and act on the issues brought to us. We are constantly striving to build a better experience for our classmates. Yes, we deal with budgeting too.


DJ Duve – Student Body  President
Jailyn Seabrooks – Student Body Vice President
Spencer Davis – First-Year Class President
Jeremiah Dilliner – Senator
Blaine Schumacher – Senator
Noah Trujillo – Senator
Tabitha Doherty – Senator

 Daniel Estrada – Sophomore Class President
Elliott Meyer – Senator
 Melanie Gillet – Senator
 Mackenzie Ritscher – Senator
 Mara Jauron – Senator
 Blake Carlson – Junior Class President
Austin Greenwalt – Senator
Molly Fisher – Senator
Alli Parker – Senator
Brian Rew – Senator
Marisa DeForest – Senior Class President
Jacob Becker – Senator
 Sydney Samples – Senator
Taia Veren – Senator
 Emily Parker – Senator
 Rich Ramos – Adviser
 Raven Sippel – Manager