Simpson College
Student Government Association

The Simpson College Student Government Association (SGA) strives to represent students by advocating for their interests, communicating with the administration and allocating resources. The SGA also works to ensure that all students’ voices are heard.

The SGA is made up of elected student representatives from each class level, first-year, sophomore, junior and senior. The group is led by the elected student body president and vice-president. With the exception of the the student body president and vice-president, officers are elected in the spring semester and take office the following fall, serving a one-year term

The role of SGA involves dealing with a broad range of issues relating to student life on the campus and overseeing the budgets of most recognized student organizations. They encourage feedback from students, including any recommendations for improving the life of students at Simpson.

Simpson values the viewpoint of, and input from, students. To encourage this dialogue and foster transparency with the student body, SGA regularly interacts with campus leadership and becomes actively involved in most issues on the campus.

SGA Representatives

  • Student Body President-Frank Cruz
  • Student Body Vice President-William Keck

Senior Class Representatives

  • Senior Class President-

Junior Class Representatives

  • Junior Class President-

Sophomore Class Representatives

  • Sophomore Class President-

First Year Class Representative

  • First Year Class President-