SGA Minutes 9.14.16

SGA Meeting 9/14/16

Meeting opened at 7:02 PM with Heidi Levine introducing herself and the SGA members introducing herself to her.

Minutes were approved after no additions or corrections.



Erica: Checked to make sure everyone is on the mentor/mentee program. The list of students to be mentees are Courtney Craig, Casey Nickel, Lewis Cox, Abby Schulte, Cole Tramp, Blake Brown, Drew Roen, Sydney Samples, Emma Schlenker, and Geoff Converse. Once the meeting is over mentors/mentees will be assigned.

Robert: We will be later voting on the student conduct committee nominations. Bobbi Fogle is working on updating current websites and Sarah Baker is working on creating the WordPress Website. SGA pictures will be happening on Wednesday.

Nick and Robert: Attending budget meetings. Delivered budget meeting report.

Robert: Cost to update lighting on campus will cost $130,000 which will be broken up into chunks to be improved on each year. Lighting projects will be prioritized.

Tristan: Asked about the streets in front of the Culver House.

Robert: Will look at attaching lights to houses along the block as they are Simpson owned.

Rich: Reminded everyone to understand that these things take time and we need to be patient.

Ishaya: Talked about SGA flag football which will be a Tuesday during homecoming week. An email will be sent out to get people to sign up for teams. First place will be $200 and second place will be $100. Cody will reserve the field. All org council meeting has been changed to October 16th. Hubbell has been booked for the 16th so we have researved Great Hall instead but may want to look for an alternative.

Nick: McNeill Hall might work better.

Geoff will work to get McNeill Hall rather than Great Hall.

Nick: Cort’s capital improvement project did not pass so Cole is taking on Kent charging. Nick is working on the Picken courtyard update and getting a new sidewalk by Blank Performing Arts Center. Tristan is working on digital posters and water stations in Mary Berry. Sydney will be presenting the prairie proposal tonight. We have a budget request from PRSSA tonight we will go over.

Pierce: Want to form an alliance with different advocacy organization with minority organizations. Will have a dinner and meet and greet to make the committee available. Brittany is taking on growing female leadership at Simpson College, expect some sort of panel discussion on women in leadership. Drew is working on getting more trash cans around campus. Kelsey is working on setting up a discussion about cable on campus and maybe having a table in Kent to have students comment on what they think about SGA and what they want us to do. Having an SGA meeting after an event may not work however the committee is still looking at solutions to get people at meetings.

Lewis: Want to make a mission and vision statement. If there are any ideas please let someone on the internal affairs committee know. Looking into doing a comment box to get feedback on the student perception of SGA. Working on rebooting social media and possibly having a PR emergency plan.

Robert: We have the Lily Grant through the Simpson Youth Academy.

Kelsey: It is basically a summer camp where participants listen to religion faculty. It is service oriented and interfaith oriented. Explores topics of faith and religion. Students are needed to be knowledgeable and help out.

Robert: Fundraising from alumni is going well in comparison to other universities.

Robert: Heidi is talking about creating an honors program for incoming first years but it is still in the early stages.

Brittany: Monday was the first educational policy committee meetings. There were preliminary discussions on restructuring May Term. Will be updated as more information comes out.


New Business

It was moved and seconded to allocate $5,300 to PRSSA.

PRSSA members spoke about what they would be doing at the PRSSA conference. They are hoping to bring what they learn back to Simpson. The club is working with a few on-campus organizations as well as an external client they are working with. They are hoping to start an on-campus PR firm.

The SGA voted unanimously to allocated $5,300 to PRSSA.

Voting was conducted on the Student Conduct Board members the slate of candidates was approved.

Erica: A student is still needed for the multicultural committee.

Courtney nominated Ashley Cruz.

Kelsey nominated Shawn S.

Erica: Someone is still needed for the teacher education committee.

Peirce nominated AnneMarie McCormick

Kelsey nominated Brooklyn Hunger

Nominations were approved.

Nick: In favor of canceling meeting next week but be aware of budget requests.

Motion to cancel next week’s meeting due to the Constitution Day Lecture passes.


General Discussion

Sydney: The prairie project proposal has been revised. We’d be putting it in by the Catholic Church by the baseball and softball fields. Currently the committee is looking at 5 different types of grasses taking into consideration sledding in Indianola. The rest of the seeds will be good pollinators and will be a great asset for educational services in the area. The seeds might change a little if the Warren County Conservation Service might be able to get cheaper seeds and another group might be donating free seeds. Eventually there will be maintenance except for burning once a year. Planning on planting right after Thanksgiving.

Student organizations meets at 7:30 on Tuesday in the Org Suite.

Student Adv. meets after SGA in Org Suite.

FAC meets Sundays 3pm in Org Suite.

Internal meets Wednesday at 3:30pm in Org Suite.



On October 26th the SGA will be meeting at Heidi’s house. Will probably be meeting to eat at 6:30 pm and meeting will start at 7:05 pm.

Tristan: We have title IX posters and they will be hung up around campus.

Kelsey: There will be a concert at 8 pm in the Black Box and breakfast will be served. Saturday night there will be a movie on the field at 9 pm.

Pierce: Tomorrow night is the walk for Greek guys at 8 pm.

Cort: HyVee Pharmacy is hiring.

Robert: There will be a live stream on The Acorn of the walk. The Acorn will have their first meeting following the walk. Iowa History Center will have a speaker talk about antique maps at 7pm tomorrow. Friday is the last Indianola bike night of the season.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 pm.

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