11.30.16 SGA Minutes

 SGA Agenda 11.30.16

Call to Order

Roll – All present

Minute Approval

*Motion to recognize Tara Rehmeier*

  • Indianola police radios 17 years old, mostly don’t work
  • Community wide effort to support them to get new radios
  • Ideas for fundraisers/donations
    • Present at holiday extravaganza
    • Individuals and businesses likely to give with the holiday season
  • Police department also applied for a grant, they will know in February if they get it
  • Timeline – 6 months – now until June
  • SGA being coordinating body for fundraisers  – email to forward to student body

*Motion to recognize Jackie Brittingham*

  • Scheduling campus wide events and discussions when classes are not in session
  • Lots of faculty and students working during the times these things happen and they can’t go
  • Reached out to administration and got no response, so reaching out to students
  • Martin Luther King schedule
  • SGA to maybe put together a resolution


VP Erica:

  • Christmas Party- start at 6:30, bring a white elephant gift, wear your best ugly sweater!
  • Student Body  Election voting December 4-7
  • Senior Election voting December 4-7
  • Refilling election sign ups Thursday December 8th 12:00pm-Sunday December 11th 12:00pm
    • Voting Jan 10 12:00pm-Jan 13th 12:00pm
  • Mailers from Kyle (yes they do exist!)

Student Body President Robert:

  • I’m ALIVE (mostly)… I am not dead yet, i can dance and i can sing, i am not dead yet i can do the highland fling, i am not dead yet, no need to go to bed, no need to call the doctor cuz i’m not yet dead!
  • Elections Code Revisions
  • Meet & Greet w/CFO Candidates

Senior Class President Ishaya David:

  • Reviewed Adviser Agreement
    • Have people sign and then send back
  • We added the Expectations for new organizations to the finance code.  

Junior Class President Nick Laning-

  • Wufoo for End of Semester Reports
    • Cody: “I like this a lot”
  • Convention Reporting (Change Finance Code?)
  • Digital Posters- Tristan
    • Ongoing conversation had with Kelley Bradder
    • Best, Better, and Good options
  • Recycling- Sydney
    • Didn’t get a huge positive reaction
    • Some nonsense reasons for not having it
    • Move it to a second semester thing to get it done right
  • Budget Requests

Sophomore Class President Pierce Carey:

  • Nothing New: Same Projects still going forward
  • Volunteers for Dead Week Programs (Kelsey)
    • Giving out things like candy
  • Budget Request in New Business
  • Epic challenged passed, no post yet
    • Posts to come soon
    • Newspaper too maybe
  • Plagues

First-Year Class President Lewis Cox:

  • Apparel
    • Maroon quarter zips with logo
    • Will get info for sizes
  • Promotional Mailers
    • Found the box we check off, it’s real and they can send the info to us
    • We want to send a promotional item out for SGA
    • Making the website better

Any other reports:

  • Food committee:
  • They were serving us at dinner tonight
  • EPCC:
    • Sports communications major/minor
    • Honors Program

Old business:

  • Constitution & Bylaws Revisions (Finalize)
    • Motion passes

New Business:

  • Vote on Library Advisory Committee student rep Tim
  • vote on Admissions Committee student rep Emma Schlenker
    • Both approved
    • Emma abstained
  • $4400 for Water Stations- Sydney
    • New stations and some new water fountains in areas
    • No availability in fraternities
      • Motion carries
      • From capital improvement fund
  • $1430 for Fish Project- Tristan
    • Pond in the library
    • Issue with salt and sand falling from people’s shoes and killing the fish
    • Insert something to catch everything so the fish don’t die
      • Motion carries
      • From capital improvement fund
  • $200 Internally for Kelsey’s Goody Project- Cole
      • Motion carries
  • $330 Mu Sigma Kappa- Carols and Cocoa
    • Good turn out for event last year
    • Performers, goodies, cocoa
      • Motion carries
  • $310 Feminists- Suspend Rules, Crafts, T-Shirts, Pizza
    • Move to suspend the rules because issues with budget office
      • Motion carries
    • Having good turn out, and having new events
    • Pizza for safe zones
      • Motion carries
  • $415 Internal for SGA Service Plaques
    • Medium size, we get price discount because bulk purchase
    • Said we should have them for the Christmas party
    • Bob’s trophies on the square
      • Motion carries
      • Nick lanning opposes
  • Elections Code Revisions
    • Video campaigns
      • Too much work for managers
      • Option and not a requirement
    • SGA president and VP to run as a ticket(together)
      • You would vote for the ticket as a whole
      • Independent campaigns not accepted
      • Discussion later

General Discussion

  • Adviser agreements
  • Policies be brought up in general discussion first



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