SGA Minutes 2.15.17

SGA Minutes 2.15.17

Call to Order


Minute Approval


Student Body Vice-President Pierce:

  • Roses- Lewis

Student Body President Sydney:

  • Buzz App
  • Greek Picture
  • Professor Epperson thank you note
  • Next Course Volunteers Needed!!!
  • United Methodist Reaccreditation Forum
    • Thursday, February 23rd from 1:45-2:30 in Hubbell II.

Senior Class President Ishaya David :

  • Flag football on campus day
  • Lunch on campus day
    • Need a budget request
  • Newspaper ads, Kyle
    • Open up to community for more service jobs in Indianola
  • Trash the professors?
    • Used to be a tradition
    • Continue to bring it back
    • Discussion on the name being very negative
      • Nick: Professors though it was hilarious and it brought the community together. It was well attended, and it increases the togetherness.
      • Casey: From a first year perspective, this is what I liked about Simpson.
      • Ishaya: This will be well thought out, and we plan to set rules and guidelines to make sure nothing too negative will come out of it.
  • 8 T-Shirt designs, wanna see?
    • Ishaya: My laptop won’t connect to the internet, sorry.

Junior Class President Nick Laning

  • Budget Requests
  • Implementing  Conference Reports and End of Semester Reports completely
  • Moving ahead on projects, got an idea this week from Pierce and assigned it right away, good example
    • Nick: Pierce messaged me on a weight room improvement project


Sophomore Class President: Tre

  • Alternating Schedules
    • Drew is still working on the schedules
  • Parking Tickets (Tre & Drew)
      • Notifying people of their ticket
      • Chris Freichs
      • Still working with the lady
  • The day on the hill project
  • EPIC Challenge (Britney)
    • Draft questions
    • –What advice do you have for young women entering the workforce?
    • –What are the sources of resistance for girls and women attempting to enter your fields?
    • –How did you get into this work?
    • –How can men be helpful allies in elevating the voices of the women in their lives?
    • –What was your first leadership experience?
    • –Is it difficult trying to balance your successful careers and your personal lives?
    • Additional questions
      • What problems did you face when getting started?
      • Who has been the most influential leader in your life?
      • What obstacles did you overcome as a leader?
        • How did you overcome them?
      • What changes could be made for women to obtain success?
        • What changes have already been made?

First year class president Lewis

    • We sent Prof. Epperson flowers
    • Revamping the Website (Drew)
      • Status with Rich
        • Doesn’t have access to website yet
        • Changing
          • Descriptions
          • FB and Twitter connection
          • Description of things
          • Description of Committee’s
          • Upload minutes
          • Link a
          • Waiting on Oscar
    • Meeting with William Penn

Any other reports

  • Food Committee
    • Signature dinner, you can vote for the food.
    • Vote in Pfieffer, vote with papers in the boxes that look like valentines
  • Advocacy Committee
    • Equipment checkout is in place
    • To checkout, there is a list on the info desk, and they right their information
    • Tre: Put posters in places where the athletes go that would need materials  
  • New major
    • Interactive
  • Charging Tables
    • Casey: We found a new company, Rich is going to a convention and will talk to the company there. Pictures will be uploaded to FB

Old business:

New Business

  • Budget Requests
    • Mu Sigma Kappa- $820 for Nostalgia Event, I sent an email description
      • Cody: Seconded
    • It’s a music chapter that no longer requests dues from members.
    • The event last year was very well attended
    • Nick: I will talk to them about finance rules
    • Motion Carries
  • $6,000 sitting in the budget
  • $90-95,000 in the capital improvement budget
    • We can’t tell exact numbers because the business office uses methods from the 1970s

General Discussion

  • Flood light issues
  • Make sure if you have issues/questions/need things you talk to Pierce and Sydney
    • Pierce: “I can be a nice person sometimes”


  • Rich: Senior only bingo tomorrow in Hubble at 8pm
  • Blake: Pre-Health 21st 5-7 chilli cookoff
  • Morgan: KKG second kappa con Queso 5-7pm, enter your queso
  • LA trip fundraiser
  • Dance Marathon is this weekend
  • Hump Day Ha’s tonight at 10pm
  • Polar Plunge this weekend
  • Underground tomorrow night, new perspective students will be there
    • Pierce will be reading tweets on why he is single
  • Cheer tryouts , there is a FB page, you can register online, they need more people
    • Cody: “So I could apply?”
    • Emma/Casey : “You can!”
  • All campus formal next Saturday – candyland theme



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