SGA Minutes 2.8.17


Call to order


Minute Approval


Student Body Vice-President

Concise discussion during meeting


Student Body President

Next Course Food Recovery System (need volunteers)

Board of Trustees meeting-possibly  reaching out to them


Faculty during admission visits to talk to students

Tuition increase is possible

Invite trustees to campus


Senior Class President

Met with Jeff for Campus Day

6 t-shirt designs in already

All org council on Sunday at 5 pm in Pioneer

Back to blue shirts are in


Junior Class President

Budget Requests

New project to address car break ins and vandalism (Casey)

Cameras in fraternity/baseball parking lots

Casey also moving forward with cool new charger table idea

Digital Posters progress

Charlie is working on motion lights in the Fraternities

Jacob is covering hand sanitizer stands aroundcampus

Cort is finalizing parking safety signs for Detroit and Clinton


Sophomore Class President

Election Code

Parking Ticket update

1 more meeting Tuesday, back to normal meeting time


First Year Class President

Press Releases

EPIC Challenge

Lighting Proposal

EPIC Challenge

Budget requests

Alternating Schedules

Status with Heidi

Checking out equipment

Revamping the website’s SGA page

Semester progress newsletter

New student mailers

Die Cut Decal ($368)

Phone Wallet ($560)

Circle Decal ($320)

Campus imprint ($1280)


Title for the pictures


Blake’s opinion read by Lewis

Tristan asks Rich to explain his duties to SGA and the election process

Tristan asks Kyle his duties to SGA

Tristan doesn’t want election result numbers to be public information, wants
SGA to move forward from December election


Food Committee

ABP replacement ideas will be presented next few weeks

NY style deli

Dining Survey

Vegan options

Waffle mix shortage

Collaborate with Sustainability Club to address food waste

ABP closing early

Tyler’s french fries/chip meals

Italian dressing missing in Pfieffer

Queso in Pfieffer may be coming

New Pfieffer employee

Signature night at Pfieffer

Steak, Prime Rib, etc.


Women’s Leadership Panel

February 23 at 7 pm


Old Business


New Business


Budget Requests

$2300 March to End the Isms

$600 Supper Club

$350 EPIC Challenge


Financial Outlook

$6890 left in operating account


Election Code Changes

Election Results


Election transparency with results

Tristan: Numbers should not be released

Brittany: Other schools release the numbers, been worried about transparency
before, should be civil on this discussion

Ishaya: Faith in Rich and Kyle with results, should use office they are in as
reference because they will not always work in there

Cody: Doesn’t question Sydney’s election win, real world does share results

Nick: In real world representatives aren’t elected within same pool of people,
SGA should focus on what’s best for Simpson students to be
Transparent, voter turnout is already low and SGA should focus on that
instead of numbers for transparency,

Emma: Numerical results will be effect winner and the lose, controversy will be
stemmed, bully from the results being released will happen, indifferent
to which way SGA chooses but needs to move on to help Simpson

Courtney: effects all students, not just SGA officers, should trust office since
students are in the effort when they are hired

Cody: Never thought about “ranking” senators by winning margin

Lewis: Rich and Kyle’s office are already being trusted with other
responsibilities from the college

General Discussion

Politics/Political Activity

Sydney’s recommendation: SGA should be open to discussion of issues, SGA
should stay in facilitating/educating role to help get information to the groups on
campus that need/want it

Britney: SGA should be advocates for students and be able to take action on

Sydney: Agrees, but wants SGA wants to stay neutral in general

Nick: Make sure advocating for all students, not just liberal/conservative issues,
agree a topic could come up SGA should act on, don’t want to be involved on a
partisan effort

Casey: SGA should educate, if SGA does advocate on a issue pair up with
another organization on campus

Emma: Main goal of SGA is to work with organizations on campus and should
always partner with or create a group to partner with

Britney: Maybe have a Simpson Day on the Hill

Nick: Advocacy could work on this issue



Pajama Underground February 16 at 9

Perspective students will be there

ATO Philanthropy

Benefit Concert with Canned Goods

Polar Plunge with PiPhi

IFC Wed. the 15th at 6 in Hubbell

Opera is this weekend

KKG Queso night is Feb 22

CAB Valentine’s Day Party Friday

Chili Cook off



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